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Top 10 K-drama on Netflix To Binge-Watch This Christmas

You know if you are a fan of k-dramas and you have subscribed to Netflix, it’s hard to find a good popular drama that you like to watch but it isn’t on Netflix. You are craving for kdrama on Netflix and you gotta know that this drama was in trend and most people like it and watch it too but you are left alone.


That ugly feeling of not being able to watch it, is so bad. Right?

Don’t worry, I’ve searched and collected all your favorite k-dramas on Netflix to watch this Christmas, released in 2023 and are popular too. So, you don’t need to scratch your head and write or add it to your binge-watch list.

Ready? Here we go….

Top 10 Best K-Drama To Watch This Christmas

1. Destined with you

If you are a fan of romcom drama, mystery and fantasy you are gonna enjoy it because this drama has all the elements that a typical drama has.  

Destined with you


The drama is about an old forbidden book from 300 yrs old which was sealed thoroughly. The girl, the female lead, receives the book from the man, the male lead and becomes a victim of the curse.

2.Behind your touch

A story with romcom yet not a romcom genre solely, it’s a power pack k-drama of fantasy, thriller, mystery and romcom.

Behind your touch


The story is of a veterinarian who has psychometric power in the countryside and a city detective who is demoted from his position to the countryside. A mysterious serial killer is killing people in the town and this made them come together to solve the mystery.


This k-drama on Netflix is full of crime, thriller and action. It’s different from a rom com K-drama, so if you want to watch something different from typical kdrama romances to refresh your mood, then this can be a perfect one.



The story is about two rookie boxers who became friends on the journey. There are corrupted loan sharks who lend money and then torture the victim to pay it back. Gun-woo’s mother also becomes a victim of these loan sharks which is why Gun-woo has to leave boxing and he starts working with other money lending businesses.

4.The Glory season 2

The second season of this k-drama on Netflix was released in March, the most awaited season of all time. If you have watched the first season then this season will blow your mind with its twist and turn.

The Glory season 2


In the first season you watched a group of friends who brutally bullied a girl in high school who had to suffer a lot after those incidents. Now, she is planning to take revenge on each one of them. The kind of tactic she used is so different from any other drama.

 5.See you in my 19th life

The drama released this year with one of the best storylines. It will tickle you with its cupid romances and some funny scenes. The female lead will not be dumb instead she will be smarter.

See you in my 19th life


The drama has mystery, romance, and a history curse.The story is not about time travel but it shows how a girl is born again and again in different nationalities, different bodies and dies again and again. But, it turns out that it wasn’t a curse, instead, an oath that she took was the reason for all the chaos.

6.Sweet home

We had the first season in 2020 where the story of this k-drama on Netflix was about a curse of viruses. People are turning into monsters and there is a fear among those who are still humans. The story’s plot was different and was appreciated by viewers. The story had an open end which gave a sign of another season.

Sweet home


So, the second is aired on Netflix and the story continues to tell us about what happened to those who survived in the apartment. Now, we will see scientists experimenting on monsters and soldiers fighting in the city. There is a lot of chaos and some monsters are still alive.

7.Strong girl Nam Soon

This Netflix k-drama is packed with fantasy, thriller, romance and mystery. If you like fantasy drama, this drama will entertain you. This is the third season after Strong Girl Do Bong Soo.

Strong girl Nam Soon


A girl born with superhuman power Gang Nam-Soon was lost when she was a child in Mongolia. Now, she is returning to Korea as an adult to find her family. Her mother and grandmother were also born with the same power and they are rich. But, somehow, they got involved in a drug case investigation.

8.The good bad mother

A drama that will touch your heart with its storyline. The main concept of this k-drama on Netflix is not a love story.

The good bad mother


It’s a story of a son who is traumatized by his mother’s behavior who always forces her son to be perfect. Because of the hard and rude behavior which her son has faced all these years has left a deep scar in his heart. The story will tell how they are trying to heal their relationship.

9.My demon

It’s an ongoing drama which is airing on Netflix. The k-drama on Netflix is gaining popularity among the viewers because of its story.

My demon


The story is about the rich family of a girl who is an adoptive daughter of the family. The story starts with the murder of one of the members in the family and it turns out that the person who was murdered was the only one who loved the girl. Do-Hee will fall in love with the demon, a boy whom she asks to help.

10.A time called you

You know, in k-dramas, it is common to have love triangles, rom coms, misunderstandings but in the end everything turns out good. So, this has a happy ending too. The story is set in 2023, the main lead who is sad for her boyfriend’s death, is transferred to 1995 where she finds herself and her boyfriend but both have a different name.

A time called you


This drama has a mystery, school and college romance, and the second lead’s heartbreak. You will enjoy the drama as it has all the elements. In the beginning you will find it a little sad because its plot is set on that. But, you have to wait and you will enjoy it like any other kdrama.  

Final Words

So, these are the cool k-dramas you can watch on Netflix this year. There’s something for everyone – mysteries, romances, and lots more. K-dramas on Netflix are super popular and have lots of exciting stories. Do you find any interesting k-dramas to watch? Don’t wait to watch your favorite one in the list!


Shalini Srivastava
Shalini Srivastava
Shalini is an accomplished copywriter and loves to write articles and copies for various publications. She has interest in use Words to convey her thoughts. In her free time she loves to watch movies and K-Dramas.


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