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3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Everything

It’s so important to live life outside of the internet. Especially nowadays, when many people are so chronically online it seems like an endless void of scrolling. And most importantly, making connections outside of the internet ensures that you can grow your business in every way. Thus, we all need to understand why social media is not everything.

You know the saying, sometimes you have to log off from content creation, go outside, and touch grass to remind yourself that you’re a physical person, not a robot.

Here are three ways to grow your business outside of the Internet.


Why Social Media Is Not Everything – Key Takeaways

  • Go to networking events
  • Use print advertising
  • Keep demographics in mind

1. Networking Events: I know They Can Be scary!

a business meeting of three people - Networking Event

This one might seem like a doozy. Nobody likes putting on their nice clothes, closing their laptop, and actually talking to people face to face. But it really is necessary!

You have to show that you’re bigger than just your computer screen. You might have to find these events online, but it is important to show up and be present. Don’t bring your computer, or play on your phone.

Focus on getting to know people in your area and this will help inform you of the needs of consumers around you.

2. Print Advertising isn’t Dead!

an empty billboard in Dubai - Print Advertising

When you’re waiting in line for that breakfast spot you love to have an open table, what do you look at? Your surroundings!

Everyone loves people watching, but most places also have a board with local businesses advertising on them. This may seem like a small aspect of advertising, but many people don’t realize that a lot of advertising is being SEEN! The flyer you put up on the board puts familiarity with your brand in peoples minds. These flyers remind you that social media is not everything.  

So, in that way, when they eventually see an ad online, or you reach out, they have a little memory of seeing your brand before. This familiarity, being SEEN, can put you above other competition.

3. Don’t Forget Other Demographics!

demographics of different old age group people standing

It is so important to remember that not everyone is on their computer, or on social media, like a lot of us are. Especially as you go into the older generations, not many of them are looking on LinkedIn and Twitter regularly.

You don’t want to miss the opportunities that these groups can offer. This all goes back to being SEEN. Get yourself involved with local and international groups. Go to meetings, just as yourself first, and then bring up your brand later.

Nonprofit work and volunteering in your community shows that you’re here to make the world a better place, not just to make mad money (but, lets face it, the money drives us!)


Final Thoughts

Yes, we are living in a digital world and we all need to have a strong digital footprint. However, for marketing, social media is not everything. You need to use in-person opportunities like seminars, print advert, and networking events to keep your business alive. So, form now on, make sure you use physical marketing opportunities and keep social media marketing at bay for sometime.    

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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