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7 Writing Tips to Take Your Writing go from ‘Meh’ to ‘WOW’

Online writing is a real thing now with an estimated growth of $30 Billion by 2024. So how do you make sure your writing stands a chance against the sea of competitors?

By nailing the 7 basics of great writing, the ones used by each and every top1% creators.

Without further blabbering…

Let’s dig in.

1) Storytelling

Why do you think this ancient form of writing survived 1000s of years and is still famously used today? How do you think every bestselling author uses this exact technique to become bestselling?

Because it’s just that effective.

Admit it or not, human brains are wired for narratives. Think about it this way, which one can you recall better — a random textbook you read last night or a gripping story you read last month?

The second one, right?

One of the main reasons is that the events are linked together, so it is easier to remember. Plus, a story with different characters you can relate with leads to “resonance” within the reader.

But most importantly, a story DRAGS the reader till the end by invoking the curiosity of “What happens next?”

So next time you write something, lead with a story.

But I suck at narratives. How the heck do I come up with a story every time I write a post or an article?

Hey, your own life is brimming with stories. People you met, things you did, challenges you faced, jokes you laughed at…

So many stories waiting to be noticed.

Don’t ignore them.

Use them.

Plus, these everyday, real-life stories are 10X more relatable than some made-up, imaginary ones.

Tailor your content around a story to make it memorable and impactful.

2) Get Emotional

Nope, I don’t mean grab your tissues and start bawling. You can if you want, but you don’t have to.

What I mean is, give your words the power to evoke emotions.

Let me explain.

Your entire point of writing is to make a lasting impact, if you want to stick out from the crowd. You want your readers to remember YOU specifically in the sea of things they read throughout the day.

It’s not easy at all. Tis the age of social media where people are on their devices all day long. What are the odds they would remember your words at the end of the day?

No matter how impossible it seems, it is actually very possible, if you know where to aim.

Here’s the thing.

Think about your last birthday. Do you remember what details of each and every gift you got or do you remember how they made you feel?

I betting, the latter.

That’s just how we are made. Emotions stay permanently.

So your goal should be to make your readers FEEL something. Anything.

Make them smile, laugh, curious, hopeful, sad, cry, even disgusted.

Your readers WILL remember you if you can strum their heartstrings.

3) Cut the Fluff

You want to stop readers scrolling past your content?

Then stop wasting their time with unnecessary blabber. People are busy. No one has the time to spare reading the same exact thing written in 10 different ways.

So, write your 1st draft like you normally would. Then let it roast in the sun for a while. This actually lets you detach yourself from your piece so that when you edit, it won’t be from the perspective of you who poured their effort to write it, but a reader who has nothing to do with it.

Make it fair and effective.

Now, edit.

Cut down all the fluff which your content can live without.

The final product will be fresh, crisp and easy-to-read.

4) Hooks

People are dumber than goldfish.

We have an attention span of less than 3s. Yup, no kidding.

So what does this mean to you? It means you have less than 3s to grab their attention before they scroll past…never to come back again.

You don’t want that, right?

So make sure your heading and 1st line are HOOKING.


One of the best methods is to use numbers or statistics.

Go from 0 —>3000 followers in less than 30 days.

There are TONS of more effective hook techniques, but that is a story for another time.

5) Keep it Conversational

Unless you’re writing an encyclopaedia, you don’t want your words to sound robotic and rigid.

Trust me, that is the fastest and most effective way to lose your readers. Permanently.

You want your readers to feel like you’re TALKING directly to them.


Do this. Write like you’re talking to your best friend. That way it won’t just be engaging, but also damn entertaining (the ultimate secret to keep turn your readers into loyal fans).


If it sounds awkward, change it. Keep editing until it sounds like a natural conversation.

6) Use YOU

Hard pill to swallow.

Your readers don’t care about you and your struggles… unless they have something in it FOR THEM.

Be honest. Will you read this if you didn’t find this helpful?

No, right?

Your audience has the exact same mindset.

Make it for the reader. Balance your “I” and “YOU” pronouns.

Keep it 80% “YOU” and 20% “I”.

Make your readers feel important, special. Make it about THEM.

7) Make it Flow

What do you think would happen if I started talking about what I had for breakfast all of a sudden?

You would be like “What the heck?!” with a weird, confused look and leave.

Whatever you are writing, make sure it’s related and makes sense as a whole.

Bonus tip: Use connectives like “However, moreover, plus, as a result, etc”  as you go from one topic to the next so that it flows without friction.


Well, that’s it for now.

If you use these tips properly every time you write something, I am telling you, YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

You joining the ranks of the top 1% writer… that future is not too far ahead.

Khadija Mahin
Khadija Mahin
Khadija Mahin is an aspiring copywriter. She loves to share her thoughts with words and has a knack of creating quality content.



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