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7 Best Ways to Do Content Creation as a Beginner

Any content you create and publish on social media has the potential to garner audience attention. However, as a newbie, you must take care of different elements so your content doesn’t vanish in a sea of content. You must strategize content creation per the social media platforms, relevant algorithms, and your target audience.

Here, we will cover seven tips you can emulate to improve your social media and content creation efforts.

 Seven Best Content Creation Tips for Newbies

 1- Identify Your Target Audience  

First, you have to find who your target audience is. The best way to do so is to spy on other content creators and what type of people engage with them. Search the hashtags, keywords, topics, and categories they are targeting.

Your content ideation should start with your niche. For example, if you make content around kids’ education, you must target parents, especially moms looking for ways and quick tips to educate their kids at home.  

2- Pick Your Social Media Platform(s)

After identifying your target audience, you need to dig out which platform they use the most. Although YouTube is the ultimate platform where most people hang out. However, it varies depending on the audience and the genre you are working in.

Depending on your niche, here are some of the popular platforms you should look for and create content accordingly,

  •       TikTok
  •       Snapchat
  •       Pinterest
  •       Twitch
  •       Periscope
  •       YouTube
  •       Facebook Watch
  •       Instagram (Reels)
  •       Twitter or X
  •       Vimeo 

3- Make a Definitive Schedule for Content Creation

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Success will only remain a dream if you can’t make it concrete. The best way to do so is to create a content creation calendar. You have to have an idea bank for at least a week. If you use multiple social media platforms, you need a content plan.

TikTok, for example, demands you to publish consistent videos to rank your channel in a particular niche (that’s how the platform’s algorithm works).

How to make a content creation calendar? You can use different digital planners. You can start off with Google Calendar, while you can go to Etsy and buy any relevant content creation planner. Keep it on your phone, and keep reminding yourself. This will help you to stay updated with the trends. 

4- Keep the Content Creation Process Relevant and engaging

If a user scrolls past your video on Instagram or TikTok and stops to consume it, it will signal to the platform that your content is likable. Multiply it with various users, and your content or page can go viral. So, what we learned here? Make the content relevant to the viewers’ relevance.

If you offer a product, you can make a video of the behind-the-scenes or the whole manufacturing process. This will help you to increase audience retention on your video. The algorithm of the platform will also suggest it to other users. Overall, you can garner more users.

Therefore, focus on relevance and engagement while making content.

 5- Post Timeless Content

Popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok favor recent and trending content, which makes it tough for older posts to maintain relevance. However, you can take steps to craft evergreen content that appeals to audiences across generations. Universal and timeless content works well for product reviews or education purposes as it supports higher search rankings.

Thus, it’s better to post evergreen content to appeal to the masses and serve the audience’s needs. Here is how you can do evergreen content creation:

  •       Use main keywords in hashtags, titles, and descriptions  
  •       Find the search intent of the content and embed that into your thumbnail, keywords, and titles
  •       Carefully analyze the video length and trim or edit unnecessary areas that can affect the audience’s attention
  •       Use the video link in your blog post on the website
  •       Enhance video quality through the latest color grading, captions, and background music

6- Use Different Content Creation Tools Including AI

Content creation needs different resources, platforms, and apps for better performance. Therefore, you need to pick the best tools for content creation, including AI tools. By using quality and time-efficient tools, you can stand out from the rest of the competition.

Here are a few tools for content creation you can use for high-quality production:

  •       Video editing platforms like Wisecut video,, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve, etc.
  •       YouTube video editor
  •       Social media apps
  •       Use engagement analytics

7- Enhance Your Storytelling Game

Eye-catching visuals and relevant stock images can help you improve your storytelling quality. Use as many audio and video visuals as possible to attract the attention of the viewer. Certain short-form video content stands out and lures viewers to watch them repeatedly, often due to the selection and timing of their audio elements.

 Wrap Up

It is all about how you leverage content creation platforms and how you stay ahead of the competition. If you are a newbie and want to gather an engaged audience, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps. By acting upon these content creation tips, it will be easier for you to put the first step in the right direction.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.



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