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7 Smart Tactics to Grow a B2B Business in 2023

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced many B2B companies to shut down. After that, due to the economic slowdown, startups are hesitant to invest. But now, things are on the path of improvement globally. So, 2023 presents a big opportunity for every B2B business to boost sales.

Top B2B Growth Strategies in 2023:

Craft Shareable and Valuable Content

Show your expertise by publishing educational content like:


Produce mini digital books demonstrating thought leadership in your niche. Include statistics, actionable insights, and compelling perspectives. According to the Content Marketing Institute, over 90% of B2B buyers say content plays a key role in determining which vendors they work with.


Host an educational web seminar establishing your B2B business and team as industry authorities. Provide tips, behind-the-scenes details, or case studies showcasing value. Webinars convert 3 times higher than basic blogging. They also allow scaling your reach through recording and repurposing.

Case Studies

Show how you solved concrete problems or objectives for real clients. Outline details like the situation, solutions, and results achieved. Well-crafted case studies can boost conversion rates by up to 66%. They build authority by demonstrating real-world value.


Create YouTube tutorials, product demos, or explainer videos to engage visitors for your B2B business. Videos humanize your brand while conveying knowledge. Including videos on landing pages can improve conversion rates by over 80%, thanks to higher engagement and understanding.

Guide and Nurture Leads

Build trust and credibility by providing lengthy, helpful advice articles and “how-to” guides related to your B2B business. For instance, digital marketing leader Neil Patel skyrocketed his site’s search rankings and organic traffic simply by creating hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on SEO, content building, conversions, and similar topics.

These guides attract visitors from search engines thanks to targeting key topic keywords. Visitors further associate your brand with being an invaluable resource. The guides then nurture leads by addressing questions and recommending your products or services at key points.

Helpfully guided journeys through educational content allow sustainably scaling your authority and pipeline. They build relationships over time through value rather than interruptive cold-pitching.

Recruit Industry Influencers

Partnerships with key industry voices who have large social media or newsletter followings can expand your reach enormously.

Recruit Industry Influencers

First, identify leaders who closely align with your B2B business, offerings, and target buyer persona. Researchers state it’s better to have a micro-influencer with 1,000 highly engaged followers rather than a broad celebrity with a low relevant reach.

Reach out to discuss potential partnerships on co-marketing campaigns, video collaborations, guest articles, sponsored product reviews, or bundled offers. An influencer promotion to their engaged audience costs 6.5 times less per conversion compared to cold paid ads. Their existing authority means endorsements feel organic rather than intrusive.

Structured correctly, influencer marketing pays dividends through expanded awareness and favorable associations with niche thought leaders.

Get Listed on B2B Marketplaces

Joining respected industry directories like Clutch and GoodFirms puts your business alongside major players in the space. This grants several benefits:

  • Adds social proof and legitimacy as a qualified vendor
  • Increased visibility and discovery through buyer searches
  • Backlinks to your site naturally boost SEO rankings
  • Multiplies scope for generating inbound leads

Over 80% of B2B buyers use leading marketplaces in exploring and vetting potential solution providers to work with. Standing out favorably compared to alternatives signals competence and quality. Structured finding of marketplaces for your B2B business creates self-perpetuating visibility.

Offer Free Samples

For products or services that allow it, provide free samples to convert interested visitors into paying customers. This could mean:

  • Free consultations
  • Limited-capability software trials
  • Sample reports/analysis
  • Mini product samples

According to Campaign Monitor, over half of companies say offering free trials and samples is their most effective strategy for generating leads on company websites.

Free samples build trust and motivation to purchase by allowing prospects to experience your offerings directly without needing to commit full investment upfront. Visitors appreciate trying before buying while you profit from converts.

Automate Lead Nurturing

Sales expert Josh Braun states it takes an average of 12 follow-up communications before landing an appointment with a qualified B2B prospect. Rather than intensely cold calling or emailing, automate the lead nurturing process via:

Drip Campaigns

Pre-written email sequences send targeted messaging to prospects over weeks following initial form fills. This establishes your brand or B2B business while delivering value.

Behavior Retargeting

Track visitor website behavior to serve relevant ads across channels post-visit. This multiplicatively increases touchpoints to accelerate decisions.

Smart Web Push Notifications

Send web visitors timely and personalized notifications to re-engage them post-session. This could recommend specific blogs or offers matching their activity.

Interactive Calculators

Let visitors experience the services of your B2B business first-hand via calculators. For example, a shipping company could provide an interactive rate cost calculator based on inputs. Automated nurturing frees sales staff while systematically guiding prospects toward becoming customers over time.

Master Email Marketing

People see email marketing as an outdated strategy. Yet 99% of B2B buyers state they use email in their roles. Over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, showing email is very much still alive. Run regular A/B testing of email campaigns. Experiment with segments like:

Master Email Marketing
  • Subject lines – Test excitement vs informational vs urgent
  • Content formatting – Compare different designs and layouts
  • Calls to action – Should they browse products or schedule a call?
  • Audiences – Compare messaging effectiveness across customer profiles

Build the highest-performing templates over time. Also, provide value-adding education rather than pure sales pitches.

AI-Enhanced Prospecting

Let sophisticated sales intelligence tools like Outreach or HubSpot identify and qualify prospects from millions of companies based on advanced firmographic filtering. Prioritize outreach to most likely buyers of your B2B business. AI-assisted tools boost connect rates over manual selection.


A B2B business should adopt modern digital growth strategies versus traditional tactics. Core techniques include:

  • Publishing helpful educational content
  • Recruiting niche influencers
  • Getting listed on leading marketplaces
  • Nurturing leads automatically
  • Offering free trials and samples
  • Optimizing email campaigns
  • Running targeted promotions
  • Leveraging intent data

Streamlining outbound prospecting

Using a mix of inbound and outbound tactics powered by automation and analytics sets B2B brands up for success amidst competition.

Final Words

Outdated B2B business marketing tactics lead nowhere. They fail to deliver measurable pipeline and revenue expansion. Now is the time for forward-thinking brands to seize opportunities through calculated digital strategies – rather than rely on manual meetings. By adopting the latest, data-driven playbooks detailed here, any B2B business can set themselves up to multiply success.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.

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