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Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Writers

Christmas 2023 is just around the corner, and we have already started feeling the excitement. During Christmas festivities, there is something for everyone. Whether it’s Amazon for shopping or Santa Claus for kids, everybody can secure some exciting gifts. So, how about the best Christmas gifts for writers?

Consider this blog post as Santa Claus for writers, as we will reveal some of the best gifts you can offer to the writers. Whether you are an e-commerce agency or a head of digital marketing, this blog post can enable you to surprise your writers.

Top 10 Choices as Christmas Gifts for Writers

 1. Writing Courses or Workshops

Writing is a profession where you have to evolve continuously. Continuous development enables writers to keep their grip firm on their craft. So, this Christmas, why not gift wordsmiths some valuable courses or workshops that are worth tens or hundreds of dollars?

Here are some of the best platforms to get writing courses and offer as Christmas gifts for writers:

 2. A Weekend Getaway

Writing is more about metal clarity. Decluttering minds to write creative pieces is important for writers. They need a flow of words from the brain to the pen or keyboard. Thus, mental peace through a change of place and scenery is crucial to uplift a writer’s mood.

As Christmas gifts for writers in 2023, you can offer quiet hotel accommodation where they can regather their thoughts. Here some of the options you have:

  • CNtraveller

 3. High-Quality Writing Instruments

It doesn’t matter how the world has advances, the importance of pens and pencils is still intact. A writer cannot imagine him or herself without a physical writing instrument while at work. Journaling and penning down ideas on a piece of paper is essential for word wizards.

So, here are some of the best Christmas gift options for writers:  

  • Rotring
  • Montblanc
  • MUJi
  • Caran d’Ache
  • Uni
  • Zebra 54012

 4. Notebooks and Journals as Christmas Gifts

Connecting with the above point here. There is no life of a writer without a notebook or paper. Pen and paper are meant for each other. For writers, it would mean a whole world if you present them physical and digital notepads as Christmas gifts. If you have a writing agency, you can surprise them with this.

So, here are some of the options for modern digital notebooks and Journals as Christmas gifts for writers

  • Apple iPad
  • Boogie Board Authentic Blackboard
  • reMarkable 1
  • Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • BOOX Note Air 2 Plus
  • Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook
  • Sony DPT-CP1/B
  • Smart Writing Pad

 5. Writing Software Subscriptions

Writers alone cannot do the heavy lifting with their minds. They always need some sort of support through tools and software. When they are creating a manuscript or outlining their next mega piece of content, they always need a supporting hand.

As a good gesture, you can buy them the following software as Christmas gifts:

  • Hemmingway
  • Grammarly Premium
  • Copyscape
  • Quillbot
  • Medium subscription

 6. Books on Writing Craft

There is no better to enhance writing skills than good reading. A writer would be considered as living in heaven if they find themselves in a library or in a place crowded by books. A good read opens the door to creativity and helps writers collect their thoughts and come up with a fresh perspective.

As Christmas gifts for writers, you can buy them the following books:

  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • First You Write. By Joni Rodgers
  • On Moral Fiction. By John Gardner
  • The Writing Life. By Annie Dillard
  • The Forest for the Trees. By Betsy Lerner
  • The Elements of Style. By William Strunk & E.B. White
  • Writing Past Dark. By Bonnie Friedman

 7. Ergonomic Workstation

Writing demands you to be in a comfortable position, both mentally and physically. Oftentimes, writers tend to neglect their physical positioning while they write. It is always better to use tables and chairs that are ergonomically correct. Today, writers use laptops frequently, so they also need ergonomically correct computer accessories.

So, here are some Christmas gifts for writers as far as their workstations are concerned:

  • Adjustable chair
  • Standing desk riser
  • Adjustable Laptop table
  • Bluetooth mouse
  • Ergonomic keyboard 
  • Coolpad for laptop
  • Ergonomic headphones

 8. Literary-themed apparel and Accessories

Have you ever seen a writer with motivating post-aids? You must have.

Writers love to have wearables that suit literary themes. Every writer wants to have apparel or personal accessories that define and depict them as a writer. So, why not provide writers with something they love to keep or wear?

Here are some possibilities as Literary-themed Christmas gifts for writers:

  • Writer themed hoodie
  • Mug with a motivational quote
  • T-shirts with printed laptop
  • Sweatshirts with heat-printed keyboard
  • Digital book cover
  • Literary-themed throw pillow
  • Literary-themed backpack

 9. Customized Items

There are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to Christmas writer’s gifts. Although you have plenty of ready-made options, you can go the extra mile with customization. Here are some of the customized Christmas gift options for writers:

  • Engraved pens
  • Monogrammed notebooks
  • Custom bookplates
  • Name-themed tote bag
  • Book-themed keyring

 10. Relaxation Aids

Writers need to relax more normally than other professions. They want their creative juice to flow, and thus, relaxation helps them to get that. Whether it is better sleep or any recharge activity, wordsmiths need different relaxation aids.

Here are some options you can gift writers as Christmas present:

  • Scented candles
  • Tea
  • Paid subscription to a meditation app
  • Neck pillow for travel
  • Pillow for chair

Final Thoughts

Writers carry their own personality. They have their own world, and you can enlighten their world with your Christmas present. Whether it’s customized options or readymade stuff, you have a lot of options for Christmas gifts for writers. Choose any one from above and convert this festival into a lasting memory.

Happy “Writing” Christmas!

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.

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