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7 Best Ways To Achieve Mind Clearance

If we are on the path to true fulfillment, we must also seek mind clearance.  

Our body represents our house, but our mind is the commander of our behaviors and feelings. Sometimes, we must take a break and observe what’s happening. Being less or more introspective, we all have skills that help us to accomplish this purpose. Even if it’s our first time, learning is always the best way to pursue new knowledge.

Here are the main skills to consider if we want to become the best version of ourselves:

7 Tips For Mind Clearance


Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment. We must stay grounded in the here and now rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This also means actively creating space to quiet the noise in our minds and connect with our inner selves.

Mindfulness is a state of mind, and it’s also a technique.

Many of us don’t know how to live mindfully because we don’t practice regularly. Constantly being distracted can actually lead to more anxiety and a sense of emptiness. It’s like always hopping between things without really being present or enjoying them.


The basic human need for playfulness, idleness, and non-doing is to allocate dedicated time and space to process and express emotions using creative activities, particularly those that engage all our senses and the physical body. Creativity is all about bringing out your imagination on the table.

Engaging in creative activities is a form of mental exercise and mind clearance. The process of learning new skills, overcoming challenges, and expressing ourselves freely strengthens our mental muscles and builds resilience.

For writers, it’s words; for painters, it’s the brush; creativity goes a long way.


Being close to loved ones and spending quality time with them is essential. As social beings, our ability to come together, offer support, and collaborate has played and continues to play a vital role in our evolutionary path and overall well-being.

Whether human to human or human to God, connection can be in many forms. With strong connections, we evolve as humans and become helpful to others.


We must repeat to ourselves how much we love ourselves. There are a few affirmations that, when often repeated, program our mind clearance. The power of repetition is very interesting because, at some point, it becomes true. We must say positive words and sentences that make us smile and feel peace.

A few examples: ‘I’m pretty,’ ‘I’m worth it,’ ‘I’m enough,’ ‘I’m healthy.’


As humans, we are not easily satisfied with what we have. But the point here is who we are and how to upgrade the self within. Visualization is crucial for mind clearance as it declutters negative or overlapping thoughts.

If we can see ourselves already as we wish we were, we become who we wish. The power of visualization is extraordinary. The concept of visualization is pretty close to affirmation. 


Most of the time, we are unaware of our breathing because it’s intrinsic. As it happens without us having to think about it, we don’t pay attention. But there are a few techniques that, when trained, allow us to enjoy more of our environment and get better sleep. We can start by speaking with our personal trainer at the gym.


We all have pasts and memories from our lives that may have caused us pain. Seeing our body as something that needs healing is already natural for us. Maybe it’s now time to see the mind as a being and look up to the necessary medicine when required. For mind clearance, healing is non-negotiable.

There are many therapies regarding the removal of stress and anxiety, and yoga is one of them.

Wrap Up

At first glance, these may appear as “superficial” facets of life or overly simplistic suggestions for a mental health situation that is inherently complex. However, the art of well-being doesn’t necessarily involve squeezing additional activities or supplements into our already busy schedule. Instead, it’s about adopting a mindful, creative perspective and attitude toward life. It entails reimagining the things we already do, introducing new elements, and approaching them in a fresh way. 

Alice Moraaqui
Alice Moraaqui
Alice is a Portuguese writer who graduated 25 years ago without having a smartphone. She is trying to catch up with evolution and mastering well-being. She is the author of 3 published books in Portugal. She has a passion for writing since her childhood


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