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Content Style Guide: 4 Content Styles to Build An Audience

Building an audience in the digital age is crucial. It gives you the highest leverage in the marketplace to build, test, and launch your digital business. However, most people get it wrong. Building an audience isn’t just about numbers. It’s about building the ‘right’ type of audience that connects with you and the right content style guide.

For building a loyal audience, here is a content style guide with 4 content styles that you need to use:

  • Educational content – one of the pillars of a content style guide
  • Entertainment content
  • Philosophical content
  • Personal content

Let’s break down each and how you can use them:

Content Style 1: Educational

The easiest way to show off your expertise is by teaching (educating) others how to do something. This style of content shows off your expertise and helps you build trust with the reader because they can look at you as an expert in the field.

A great example is Alex Hormozi, who uses educational content to build authority as a business expert.

If I asked you to name the top 3 business content creators, I bet Alex Hormozi would be on that list. That’s the power of an educational content style guide.

Alex Harmozi - famous content creator

So, how can you implement it?

In your niche/industry, see the most common questions people ask, and list all the questions. Then, turn them into “how to’s” and break down each in depth.

Content Style 2: Entertainment

Let’s be honest: No one wants to learn 24/7. It’s boring, and readers lose interest in what you are talking about. That’s why you need to add a bit of flavor to your content by incorporating humor in your conveying your point.

Here’s an example:

Entertainment - Content Style guide

How can you entertain (while also making sure you stick to your brand):

There are probably hundreds of misconceptions in your niche/industry that you would have an opinion on. Instead of just writing your opinion, use memes and images that directly or indirectly convey your point.

Content Style 3: Philosophical

This type of content aims to make the reader think and reflect. When we talk about philosophical content, the first name that comes to mind is Naval.

Naval doesn’t write to educate or entertain rather, gives an idea that the reader can reflect on.

An X post related to Content Style Guide

So, how can you implement it (without being too philosophical):

Provide your unique perspective on different things. You don’t need to be a great thinker to write or have a philosophical take on something.

Be curious, observe, and share your perspective.

Content Style 4: Personal

Your content should make the reader feel like “this person is just like me.” That personal connection is what turns a reader into a dedicated follower. Think about Sahil Bloom; he is one of the best examples of a personal content style guide.

He shares his journey, his struggles, and his wins. Most importantly, he acts like himself—a normal, everyday human being trying to better himself— and that is extremely powerful.

A tweet of Sahil Bloom on content style guide

Here’s how you can implement it:

Share what you are working on, your personal struggles, and the discoveries you make on your journey. Most importantly, be genuine and empathetic.

Wrap Up

Building an audience isn’t about collecting names on a list; it’s about crafting a community of passionate individuals who connect with you and your message. By strategically blending educational, entertaining, philosophical, and personal content styles in your content style guide, you’ll attract the “right” audience – the ones who resonate with your values and eagerly await your next piece. So, grab your metaphorical bricks (content!), start building, and watch your dream audience come together, brick by inspiring brick.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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