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14 Leadership Lessons from the US Marine Corps.

Leadership is the combination of intellectual abilities, human understanding, and moral qualities that allow a person to guide and influence a group effectively. The purpose of leadership is TO ACCOMPLISH A MISSION. Gaining the outcome is among the main leadership lessons one can have.

Marine Corps leaders prioritize the following leadership traits:

  • Decisiveness
  • Integrity
  • Endurance

Here are 14 leadership traits from the U.S. Marine Corps relevant to founders and entrepreneurs.

1. Justice: Play fair

Treat team members and clients with fairness. Transparent decisions build a culture of trust and respect.

↳ Action Tip:

Regularly review your policies and team feedback to ensure fairness in rewards and recognitions.

 2. Judgment: Make wise decisions

Use your experience to make informed business decisions.

↳ Action Tip:

Gather diverse viewpoints to broaden your perspective before making major decisions.

 3. Dependability: Be reliable

Your team looks to you for stability. Be consistent in your actions and decisions.

↳ Action Tip:

Establish clear goals and follow through on your commitments.

 4. Initiative: Lead by action

Take proactive steps to address opportunities or issues before they demand your reaction.

↳ Action Tip:

Encourage a culture where team members feel empowered to take initiative.

5. Decisiveness: Act with conviction

In the fast-paced world of startups, the ability to make quick, firm decisions is crucial.

↳ Action Tip:

Practice making decisions under time constraints to improve your confidence and speed.

 6. Tact: Communicate with care

How you say things is as important as what you say.

↳ Action Tip:

Develop your communication skills through workshops or coaching.

 7. Integrity: Your ethics

Maintain high ethical standards. Integrity attracts talent, investors, and customers.

↳ Action Tip:

Regularly reflect on your business practices to ensure they align with your core values.

8. Enthusiasm: Bring energy

Your passion is contagious. Lead with enthusiasm to inspire your team.

↳ Action Tip:

Celebrate small victories to keep morale high.

 9. Bearing: Present yourself well

Your demeanor sets the tone. Carry yourself with confidence and professionalism.

↳ Action Tip:

Be mindful of your body language during meetings and public appearances.

 10. Unselfishness: Focus on others

Put the needs of your team and your mission above your own.

↳ Action Tip:

Allocate time to mentor and support individual team members.

 11. Courage: Stand strong in your beliefs

Stand firm in your convictions, especially under pressure.

↳ Action Tip:

Take calculated risks to lead your business into new ventures.

 12. Knowledge: Never stop learning

Stay informed about your industry and business operations.

↳ Action Tip:

Set aside time each week to read industry news and trends.

13. Loyalty: Build Strong Bonds

Loyalty to your team and vision encourages a reciprocal commitment from your employees.

↳ Action Tip:

As an empathetic leader, show genuine interest in your team’s professional and personal growth.

 14. Endurance: Lasting Through Challenges

The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon. Build your resilience.

↳ Action Tip:

Incorporate regular physical and mental wellness practices into your routine.

Ending Note

These are the main leadership lessons from Marine Corps. Remember, leadership is a learned skill. It’s the secret behind excellent companies, communities and even families.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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