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How To Stream ITV Player On Kodi? [Full Guide 2023]

Are you finding a way to watch ITV player on Kodi? Then this guide is for you. 

ITV Player was a popular Kodi addon that gave users access to on-demand and live ITV services. Sadly, that addon is no longer functional. However, you may now view ITV channels using a specific ITV Kodi addon.

ITV Player is a well-known streaming service that provides live and on-demand video content to UK viewers. It is among the most watched networks being streamed in the UK, behind Sky and the BBC. ITV streams popular shows, including Mr. Bean, Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Britain’s Got Talent, and more.

Mr. Bean, Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Britain’s Got Talent,

In this blog post, you will learn how to watch ITV player on Kodi, Kodi-supported devices, and multiple Kodi versions such as Krypton, Leia, and Matrix

 What is ITV Player?

ITV is a UK-based platform where you can watch premium content like The Walk In as well as shows like Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, and Love Island. ITV player also enables you to watch top sporting events like the FIFA World Cup.

Before explaining how to get an ITV player on Kodi, it is important to have information about VPNs. To watch ITV outside UK, you need to get a reliable VPN service. Having a top-notch VPN is essential.

VPN encrypts your traffic, making it difficult for outsiders to monitor your online activities. By using VPN, you are safeguarded against malevolent independent online agencies, copyright bullies, and your Internet service provider (ISP).

Some ISPs break the internet bandwidth if a user frequently streams. By having a trustworthy VPN service, you can also avoid this situation.

 Why ExpressVPN to Get ITV Player on Kodi?


Not every VPN service can do seamless encryption for ITV player on Kodi leia unless you have ExpressVPN.Can flawlessly persuade ITV that you are streaming from the United Kingdom. Apart from extensive location masking features, ExpressVPN provides security and speed, making it the best in the market. 

Thus, we also recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN service.

Step By Step Guide on How to Add ITV Player on Kodi? 

Before we move on to learn the steps to install the ITV player on Kodi, first, we will learn how to install VPN in case of ITV player is not working on Kodi.

Choose the best VPN to get the best shows on ITV. We will recommend ExpressVPN.

  •  Install the VPN on your preferred device
  • Launch and connect the VPN to the UK-based server
  • Once you get the connection and launch the Kodi addon and enjoy the best movies on ITV

Kodi addon by ITV Player is a 3rd-party addon. So, it’s impossible to download the Kodi addon from the official repository. You must enable the unknown sources feature to download the ITV player and avoid annoying situations such ITV hub not working.

How Can You Watch ITV Player on Kodi

To enable unknown sources, use the following path:

Settings -> System -> Addons -> Enable Unknown sources -> Click “Yes.”

Step 1: Choose Settings on Home Page

Step 2: Choose File Manager

Step 3: Double-tap Add Source

Step 4: Tap “None” on the add source page

Step 5: Insert the below-mentioned source URL in the “None” box and tap OK

Step 6: Name your source name “Noob repo” or any name you want, and tap OK.

Step 7: Go back to the home page and choose addons 

Step 8: Select the module icon (see at the screen’s top left)

Step 9: Choose “Install from Zip file”

Step 10: Choose the noob repo source you inserted before

Step 11: Tap the zip file called Noob repo(2.0).zip.

Step 12: In a matter of minutes, the repo will be downloaded. Now, choose “Install” from the repository. 

Step 13: Click the Noob repository.

Step 14: Choose Video addons

Step 15: Choose ITV

Step 16: Tap “Install” to download the Kodi addon

Step 17: The addon will be installed in a matter of minutes. Launch the addon and start watching your favorite series.

 Why Addons are Must for Viewing ITV Player on Kodi outside UK?

ITV player is restricted to the United Kingdom. a VPN is required to access ITV player outside UK. A VPN bypasses the geo-restrictions that stop you from browsing content on the ITV Hub.

A VPN lets you browse, or download banned content via a third-party location. Any UK server will mask your IP address in that case. As a result, any geo-restriction is bypassed.

You can bypass geo-restriction by purchasing a VPN that meets your needs. Select UK from the list of regions. Kodi now supports the ITV player. Moreover, you can also get ITV on Roku besides Kodi.

For a smoother internet connection, clear your cache and browser history. 


Do you need a TV license to stream ITV on Kodi?

As per British laws, a TV License is a must to stream a live broadcast at the same time it is being broadcasted on TV. However, there is no requirement for a license for on-demand ITV content.

 Can I watch ITV Player for free?

Yes! For UK viewers, ITV player is a free catchup service. However, if you reside outside the UK, you need to install VPN to get the ITV player on Kodi.

 Wrap Up

ITV is an online streaming platform in the UK. As ITV Player is a UK-specific platform, ITV player only works with UK-based IP addresses. Using the above-mentioned steps alongside a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, it’s possible to enjoy ITV player outside the UK without any hassle. 


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