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8 Best Private Messaging Apps You Haven’t Heard Before

After all the noise related to privacy scandals, it’s a no-brainer why people are becoming concerned about the delicate material they put online. There are various ways to save your digital information. Apart from password managers, VPNs, private search engines, and anti-trackers, people are paying heed to using private messaging apps.

However, before we head towards the best app review, we need to know the initial technique regarding online protection. However, it should be addressed more often. What is it? You guessed it right! The common sense.

So, before we dive deeper into hi-tech talks, we have to switch on the first firewall, i.e., yourself. Irrespective of the level of security you think your app or connection has, refrain from sharing anything that can be problematic later on.

Here is the list:

  • Remain careful regarding photos you share online. Never share your credit card information with anyone.
  • Never share login and password information. If you need to do so, change it right away.
  • Always use the 2-step authentication method wherever possible.
  • Never oblige suspicious links; avoid visiting and ordering from shady e-commerce websites.
  • When you need to enter delicate information, ensure that you have a “Secure” sign in the web address bar next to the URL.

To sum up, Internet hygiene is all you need to look for. That is easy, and all you require is to use your brain before making a decision that can cause you to compromise, whether on the individual or financial plan. 

Best Secured Private Messaging Apps


This is among those private messaging apps secured before internet security became a trend. This tool has been getting stronger ever since.

First, it needs end-to-end encryption. What does that mean?

It means nobody can intercept your private messages. Signal applies its unique data infrastructure for message transferring (zero involvement of Google) and the Axoloti protocol. The protocol is also used by some other messengers, and its reliability is proven. It encrypts all your traffic, including files, messages, and video calls.

Besides flawless security and usual features, Signal has a few unique ones, like a self-destruct timer for messages. In addition, Signal is an open-source app, i.e., anyone can review its security and code. For secure communication, this app is standard. Also, by far, it is the best app on the list. 

Telegram -One of Top Private Messaging Apps

Telegram allows you to add users only via username and not through phone number. This feature separates it from the other private messaging apps. Thus, it is more of a social network than a secure mobile and private app.

Telegram has 256-bit AES encryption; thus, no worries regarding potential interceptions. It has an option called “secret chats.” You can automatically destroy messages, videos, images, and files on both devices through secret chats.

The self-destruction mode is also available for the entire account, which is excellent. It has become a popular app with more than 100 million users globally. Telegram has complete support on all OSs; you can use it on the web app.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a powerful and popular secure messaging service that provides robust encryption and options covering self-destructive messages. Also, you can use swipe gestures for manual usage.

The personal version of Wickr Me contains an agile feature that notifies you when someone captures a screenshot. Similarly, its Pro version protects you from others taking screenshots. You can see pricing models and compare their products.

In 2020, Wickr Me opened a few of its codes for the public to show the app’s security. The user interface works and looks well and is the epitome of simplicity. The trustworthiness of this app is so high that government officials worldwide use it, Wickr Me claims it. It is accessible on every major platform, including a native Windows app.

The lone demerit here is that only a few users use it. Thus, you will need some time to explain it and will need to recommend it to your family and friends. 


The unique selling proposition of the CoverMe app is its personalized vault. This app is protected by a password in which your private data is stored and nobody can access it.

You can protect your videos, photos, messages, and passwords through this vault. Everything remains end-to-end encrypted, so there is zero chance of interceptions. Through CoverMe, you can make private calls without the phone bill record and send secret SMS. Similarly, you can schedule messages for auto-deletion.

This private messaging app offers some unique features, like the shake-to-lock option. However, you must have your wallet if you need to unlock every CoverMe feature.


StealthChat provides VoIP calls, SSL-encrypted messaging, and P2P transfers. You can get all these without keeping contact information or message history. It utilizes a new security key for every message, making conversations ultra-secured.

Further, to ensure your messages remain unreadable to everyone, even if someone has your phone, you can set a picture, password, or TouchID unlocking. Also, you can enable the self-destruct feature for your conversations.

Since StealthChat intercepts screenshots, you feel relieved that nobody can see what you wrote as the message deletes itself on both devices.

StealthChat, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, is an ideal app for secret conversations.  

Silence – One of the Underrated Private Messaging Apps

It is an android app and is a replacement for the stock Android SMS app. Silence has an encryption protocol. This means if both sender the receiver have installed this app, conversations of both will be encrypted. So, if one has this app while the other hasn’t, the conversation will not be encrypted.

The app marks whether the recipient has installed it or not, and if they do, Silence automatically sends encrypted text messages. Therefore, you can also use a password for reading the stored messages on your smartphone.

Silence uses Axolotl encryption, which is open-source. Thus, anyone can cross-check its code for security loopholes at any time. As discussed earlier, it is only for Android users.


Wire follows European (EU) laws that are known to respect your privacy more than Canada, UK, and the USA. This is among the private messaging apps that are available on every platform (MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, and Web). It allows a user to send messages, send files, make video calls; all while remaining completely protected through a Proteus protocol.

Wire is an open-source app and anyone can view its code. This app:

  • contains a rich feature list,
  • supports every popular platform,
  • in line with EU laws

However, there is a catch. Wire stores certain information even when your account is active, for the purpose of cross-device syncing.

Wire deletes everything when you deactivate your account. 


It is a paid app, which is why it comes to the list in our list. Still, Threema is a brilliant private messenger, devised by the Swiss, who are known for their high privacy standards and liberal laws.

Threema is among the most popular private messaging apps, with over a million downloads. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and also provides a Web app option.

Threema has NaCl end-to-end encryption for calls, messages, group chats, status updates, and file sharing. You can use this app with a unique key that each user has. So, you don’t need to register yourself with your email or phone unless you wish to.

Threema automatically deletes all messages from their servers as soon as they are read.

Ending Note

The lone reason we do not talk about WhatsApp is that it is Facebook-owned, a platform renowned for leaking user’s private information. So, that was our recommendation for the best private messaging apps. Which secure app did we miss?

Tell us in the comments below! 

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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