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10 Stylish Outfit Ideas to Style Orange Like a Fashion Pro

Are you in a fashion rut and want a new look for your wardrobe? You are in the perfect place to get the answer. This blog post will give you stylish outfit ideas and showcase 10 incredible ways to incorporate the vibrant orange color into your wardrobe.

We will see different orange outfit possibilities, from classic pairings to unexpected combinations. Let’s get started!

Today’s Spotlight Color


Are you excited to see 10 ways to combine orange for stylish outfit ideas?

10 Stylish Outfit Examples

Color pairings can help you achieve the next level of wardrobe perfection.

Are you ready for your ‘cue the confetti’ moment?

Let’s dive in.

Outfit #1 – Orange + Sunny Yellow

Orange + Sunny Yellow stylish outfit

Having a pair of orange ankle pants is always a blessing. You will absolutely love them. Not only do they complement bright-colored tops, but you can also pair them with neutrals.

You could add a medium-wash jean jacket to the outfit below for added warmth and to incorporate a stylish neutral.

Outfit #1:

  • Sunny Yellow Dolman sleeve top
  • Orange straight-leg twill ankle pants
  • Orange sling back ballet flats
  • Brushed Gold medallion drop earrings
  • Warm Brown leather crossbody

Accent color: Warm Brown (crossbody)

Jewelry: Brushed Gold


​Outfit #2 – Orange + Turquoise

Orange + Turquoise -  stylish outfit ideas

Turquoise is such a versatile color to make stylish outfits. It’s also on the easier side to find, although many express either love or hate for it.

Real quick – if this describes you, please consider how much you limit your outfit possibilities when you have a fixed negative opinion about specific color.

Strive to be more open-minded. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results. While the outfit below is heavy on turquoise, you don’t have to wear that much of it to use this stylish color pairing.

  • You could easily swap the turquoise pants for midnight blue ones and keep the shoes as they are.
  • You could also wear a white, navy, or gray sweater and swap the turquoise shoes (or earrings) for orange ones.

There are endless possibilities.

Outfit #2:

  • Orange lightweight 3/4 length sleeve sweater
  • Turquoise linen cropped wide-leg pants
  • Turquoise suede driving loafers
  • Turquoise resin and Gold hoop huggie earrings
  • Midnight Blue shoulder bag

Accent color: Midnight Blue (shoulder bag)

Jewelry: Turquoise resin and Gold


Outfit #3 – Orange + Brick Red

stylish outfit idea in orange + brick red colors

One of the best things about color pairings is how quickly they can help you get dressed in the morning. For example, when planning your meals, you can jot down on your calendar that you intend to wear orange and brick red on Thursday.

When that day arrives, you go to your closet and put an outfit together using that color pairing as your guide. The beauty is you can wear as much or as little orange and brick red as you please.

If you have only a few brick-red pieces, you can wear shoes or accessories in that color. It will help you bring fresh, new, and stylish outfit ideas into reality.

It’s all about expanding your mind about what’s possible to make the most of what you own.

Let’s look at a stylish outfit example with an orange color.

Outfit #3:

  • White button-up shirt
  • Light wash straight leg jeans
  • Brick Red statement buckle belt (if needed)
  • Brick Red slide sandals
  • Red crystal and bead stud earrings
  • Orange crossbody bag

Accent colors: White (shirt) and Light Blue (light wash jeans)

Jewelry: Red Crystal and Bead

​Outfit #4 – Orange + Emerald Green

stylish female outfit ideas - orange + Emerald Green

This regal color pairing gives an air of sophistication and luxury, making it ideal for a stylish look. You can wear this elegant outfit example more often than you may think.

So, whether you’re attending a formal dinner, dancing at your local piano bar, or meeting up with friends, you can feel confident that you look stunning.

For a casual look, pair the skirt with an emerald green T-shirt or a graphic T-shirt in complementary colors.

Just add sneakers, and you’re set for the day.

Outfit #4:

  • Emerald Green cold shoulder satin top
  • Orange pleated slit hem midi skirt
  • Light Natural ankle strap sandals
  • Gold floral drop earrings
  • Gold tiered chain bracelet
  • Tan vegan leather top handle bag

Accent color: Light Natural (sandals) and Tan (handbag)

Jewelry: Gold


​Outfit #5 – Orange + Greige

stylish female outfit ideas with Orange + Greige color

Greige is a blend of gray and beige. It’s a soft, neutral hue with warm undertones that is incredibly versatile. Think of it like a warm taupe color.

It’s often used in interior design. That being said, if you ever feel stuck when mixing and matching your clothes, browse your favorite home and garden website and see how pro designers create their award-winning color palettes.

Inspiration is everywhere for orange-based stylish outfit ideas.

Outfit #5:

  • Greige cowl neck sleeveless top
  • Orange stretch blazer
  • Dark wash bootcut jeans
  • Charcoal Gray pumps
  • Two-tone statement drop earrings
  • Gray hobo crossbody

Accent colors: Dark Navy (jeans), Charcoal Gray (pumps), and Gray (crossbody)

Jewelry: Two-tone


​Outfit #6 – Orange + Magenta

Orange + Magenta color stylish outfit idea for females

Here’s a different take on the orange-inspired gorgeous color pairing. Pack your bags. We’re heading to the beach!

Outfit #6:

  • Magenta cap sleeve linen T-shirt
  • White pull-on linen shorts
  • Orange cushioned-sole basket weave slides
  • Raffia stud earrings
  • Natural large brim raffia hat
  • Raffia tote with Pale Orange and Pink stripes

Accent color: Natural Raffia (hat and tote) and Pale Orange and Pink (tote)

Jewelry: Natural Raffia


Outfit #7 – Orange + Sage Green

stylish outfit ideas for females with Orange + Sage Green color combo

Here’s a modern yet relaxed and stylish outfit idea. Notice how the various details combine to create a casual and stylish aesthetic, comfortable enough for working at home or enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends.

If you prefer, you can swap pale peach or soft pink for orange.

Then, instead of wearing dark brown sandals, white sneakers, and a lighter-colored handbag would be excellent choices.

Outfit #7:

  • Orange rushed short-sleeve V-neck top
  • Sage Green frayed hem chinos
  • Dark Brown fisherman sandals
  • Gold asymmetrical fringe drop earrings
  • Dark Brown woven fanny belt bag

Accent color: Dark Brown (sandals and fanny belt)

Jewelry: Gold


​Outfit #8 – Orange + Slate Blue

a female casual outfit -  Orange + Slate Blue color

Pairing contrasting colors together is an excellent way to elevate your look. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel and are, therefore, complementary.

By playing around with variations of blue, you increase the outfit’s visual interest and sophistication levels.

To get outstanding stylish outfit ideas, simply tweak your accent colors based on the shades of blue and orange you combine.

It may take a couple of tries to figure out what you love, so be patient and enjoy the creation process.

Outfit #8:

  • Slate Blue open-stitch short sleeve sweater
  • White camisole top
  • Orange double-cloth shorts
  • Silver slim-strap flip-flops
  • Silver threader bar earrings
  • Off-white leather sling bag

Accent colors: White (camisole), Silver (flip-flops), and Off-white (sling bag)

Jewelry: Silver


​Outfit #9 – Orange + Saddle Brown

Orange + Saddle Brown - stylish outfit examples

Check out how well the ivory jeans complement the warm tones of the outfit. If you’re not comfortable wearing white jeans, ivory can be a great alternative.

Ivory is less stark than white, offers a lower-contrast aesthetic, and can be dressed up or down, even with neutrals or vibrant colors.

Outfit #9:

  • Orange linen blend raglan sweater
  • Ivory demi bootcut cropped jeans
  • Saddle Brown woven slip-on sneakers
  • Ivory and Tan leather cutout earrings with gold hardware
  • Saddle Brown hobo bag

Accent color: Ivory (jeans)

Jewelry: Ivory, Tan, and Gold


​Outfit #10 – Orange + Lavender

Orange and Lavender - stylish outfit ideas for females

One way to develop unique color pairings is to think outside the box. Consider how orange and lavender could be stereotyped as a playful color combination for stylish outfit examples.

Combining orange and lavender pieces in relaxed textures and fabrics can create a natural, more earthy look.

So, think creatively and experiment with colors and styles until you find a look you love.

Outfit #10:

  • Lavender cotton crewneck T-shirt
  • Orange knit cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan
  • Tan wide-leg linen ankle pants
  • Raffia mule-style loafers
  • Gold draped chain drop earrings
  • Raffia shoulder bag

Accent colors: Tan (pants) and Raffia (mules)

Jewelry: Gold

Last Word

Have you ever considered how versatile orange is? Much like the day you achieved perfection your special occasion, the more you practice pairing new colors together, the closer you’ll become to putting together stylish outfit ideas that are perfect for you.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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