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10 Stylish Outfit Examples With Ivory as The Basic Color

Color pairings for stylish outfit examples will help you build not just a versatile wardrobe but also a more stylish one. When you rotate the same ivory pants with the same three tops, you can easily get bored with your outfits. But once you have a list of ten colors to go with your ivory pants, the sky’s the limit.

Whether you love or hate shopping, get ready because it will become more productive, efficient, and fun.

With a list of colors that pair beautifully with ivory, when you see something you like, you can go to your list and quickly see how it could complement something you already own. Color pairings will help you transform your wardrobe into a more stylish and versatile one.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Ivory – Today’s Spotlight Color

Why Ivory?

It’s a wardrobe workhorse. If you don’t have ivory, you could swap it for:

  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Stone
  • White
  • Off-white

Let’s look at 10 unique ways to combine ivory to create stylish outfit examples.

10 Stylish Outfit Examples With Ivory

Outfit #1 – Ivory + Bright White

Ivory + bright white - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + bright white product photography

Here’s an example of a comfy, chic, low-contrast outfit that could pass for a monochromatic look. To increase the contrast level, add a layering piece in colors like:

  • Soft Red
  • Slate Blue
  • Sage Green

Outfit #1:

  • Bright White button-front peasant blouse
  • Ivory wide-leg linen drawstring pants
  • Cream flat strappy sandals
  • Gold openwork grid earrings
  • Light Camel small leather crossbody

Accent colors: Cream (sandals) and Light Camel (crossbody)

Jewelry: Gold


​Outfit #2 – Ivory + Dusty Rose

Ivory + Dusty Rose - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Dusty Rose

This stylish outfit example gives you all the feminine feels. If you don’t have floral flats, consider polka dots, stripes, or embellished shoes. You could also wear a denim mini-skirt paired with dusty rose sneakers instead of the combination you see below.

There’s always a way to make a color pairing work for you.


Outfit #2:

  • Ivory ruffle and lace trim v-neck top
  • Dusty Rose button-front cotton mini skirt
  • Pink and Ivory pointed-toe floral slingback pumps
  • Rose Gold and Dusty Pink heart drop earrings
  • Ivory shoulder bag


Accent color: Pink (shoes)

Jewelry: Rose Gold and Dusty Pink


​Outfit #3 – Ivory + Chambray Blue

Ivory + Chambray Blue - Stylish Outfit Examples
Ivory + Chambray Blue product photography

Layering a tank top in a springtime color not only keeps you warmer but adds a nice pop to the neutral outfit. If you prefer keeping things neutral, skip the additional layer or swap coral for navy or ivory.

Keeping the woven details similar and incorporating tan in the earrings make the entire look cohesive.

Outfit #3:

  • Chambray Blue button-up shirt
  • Coral scoop-neck tank top
  • Dark Brown woven belt (if needed)
  • Ivory straight-leg jeans
  • Chocolate Brown woven leather sandals
  • Tan raffia drop earrings
  • Dark Coffee woven leather tote

Accent colors: Coral (tank top), Dark Brown (belt), Chocolate Brown (sandals), and Dark Coffee (tote)

Jewelry: Tan Raffia


​Outfit #4 – Ivory + Burgundy

Ivory + Burgundy - Stylish Outfit Examples
Ivory + Burgundy

Here’s an outfit with ivory open-toe booties playing a stylish starring role. The snakeskin print with gray, black, and ivory touches pulls the entire look together seamlessly.

Sometimes, all you need to change up a regular outfit is a fun animal print and different footwear.

Outfit #4:

  • Burgundy faux tie-wrap top
  • Gray wash boot cut jeans
  • Ivory suede open-toe booties
  • Silver molten hoop earrings
  • Gray, Black, and Ivory snakeskin shoulder bag

Accent colors: Gray (jeans and bag) and Black (bag)

Jewelry: Silver


Outfit #5 – Ivory + Olive Green

Ivory + Olive Green - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Olive Green

With a mix of earthy and vibrant colors, this outfit is stylish and artistically creative. The lightweight ivory oversized cardigan can also be worn draped over your shoulders, weather permitting.

If you prefer neutral tones over bright colors, consider these two swaps:

  • Navy instead of Mustard Yellow
  • Camel instead of Orange

Ivory + Olive Green

Shop your closet and tweak your outfits until you get a look you love.


Outfit #5:

  • Ivory oversized open-front cardigan
  • Mustard Yellow sleeveless ribbed henley
  • Olive Green cropped wide-leg pants
  • Orange flower sandals
  • Ivory geometric resin drop earrings
  • Orange top handle satchel

Accent colors: Mustard Yellow (henley) and Orange (sandals and handbag)

Jewelry: Ivory


​Outfit #6 – Ivory + Royal Blue

Ivory + Royal Blue - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Royal Blue

Here’s an example of a stylish outfit that strategically uses the ivory and royal blue color pairing. By pairing the striking combination with black, the ivory stands out in an eye-popping way.

Pearl earrings tie in the ivory for a beautiful, cohesive look.


Outfit #6:

  • Royal Blue sleeveless linen button-up shirt
  • Ivory blazer
  • Black belt (if needed)
  • Black straight-leg jeans
  • Black ankle strap sandals
  • Two-tone Pearl frontal hoop earrings
  • Black leather shoulder bag

Accent color: Black (belt, jeans, sandals, and bag)

Ivory + Terracotta outfit mockup

Jewelry: Two-tone and Pearl


​Outfit #7 – Ivory + Terracotta

Ivory + Terracotta - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Terracotta

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with new styles of layering pieces. The ivory sweater vest adds a creative dimension to this modern, stylish outfit, giving it a fashion-forward silhouette. You can see the outfits in this color combination wore by the K-Drama Netflix actors.

If you have any trendy layering pieces hiding in your closet, why not pull them out and play with them this Spring?


Outfit #7:

  • Terracotta button front jumpsuit
  • Ivory oversized sweater vest
  • Dark Brown woven texture ballet flats
  • Gold-hammered teardrop earrings
  • Dark Sienna crescent leather shoulder bag

Accent colors: Dark Brown (flats) and Dark Sienna (bag)

Jewelry: Gold


​Outfit #8 – Ivory + Dark Purple

Ivory + Dark Purple - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Dark Purple

Dark purple is an underrated color when we talk about stylish outfit examples. For some, it’s an excellent swap for black. Since purple is such a regal color, pair it with a long ivory denim skirt for a stylish and slightly more laid-back look.

Keep the rest of the accents and accessories neutral to keep the overall outfit harmonious.

long skirt Ivory + Dark Purple

Outfit #8:

  • Dark Purple Dolman sleeve top
  • Ivory front-slit denim skirt
  • Taupe skinny leather wrap belt
  • Taupe peep-toe booties
  • Gold and Ivory enamel hoop earrings
  • Taupe saddle crossbody bag
  • Taupe straw hat

Accent color: Taupe (belt, booties, crossbody, and hat)

Jewelry: Gold and Ivory


Outfit #9 – Ivory + Heather Gray

Ivory + Heather Gray - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Heather Gray

Perfect time to turn a comfy outfit into a classy one. You get the perfect balance of chic and sophisticated by accenting this neutral base outfit with red.

Whether you’re traveling, running errands, or working from home, this soft and cozy outfit is a keeper.


Outfit #9:

  • Ivory long-sleeve performance pullover
  • Heather Gray wide-leg sweatpants
  • Red leather sneakers
  • Silver necklace with crystal pendant
  • Silver crystal stud earrings
  • Red leather folded tote bag

Accent color: Red (sneakers and tote)

Jewelry: Silver and Crystal


​Outfit #10 – Ivory + Turquoise

Ivory + Turquoise - stylish outfit examples
Ivory + Turquoise

Why wear a T-shirt when you can elevate your shorts with a feminine blouse? The crochet sandals add a stylish detail that you can dress up or down.

Whether you’re vacation-bound or eating lunch outdoors, the light turquoise crossbody adds a springtime finishing touch.

Outfit #10:

  • Ivory split-neck satin popover blouse
  • Turquoise stretch twill shorts
  • Turquoise crochet strap sandals
  • Light Turquoise leather crossbody
  • Two-tone and Pearl drop earrings

Accent color: Light Turquoise (crossbody)

Jewelry: Two-tone and Pearl



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