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How To Start Food Blog Side Hustle as a Beginner

Food bloggers are living a dream life. They share their favorite tasty recipes, write about trendy restaurants, and cover the latest food crazes. Isn’t it crazy? What if I tell you can also launch a money-making food blog hustle even without experience? 

It must be sounding freaking!

So, here in this step-by-step guide for food blog side hustle, you’ll learn how to:

Table of Contents

  • Pick the Right Food Blogging Niche
  • Create Viral Food Blog Post Ideas
  • Make Money From Your Food Blog Traffic
  • Monetize With Digital Recipes
  • Promote Affiliate Programs
  • Getting Started as a Food Blogging Side Hustler 

Choose Your Food Niche

First, decide what specific food topics you will cover or are interested in. Common food blogging niches include:

  • Healthy or diet recipes
  • Baking desserts and sweets
  • Quick and easy meals
  • World cuisines like Italian or Thai
  • Special diets like gluten-free or vegan

Pick a niche that matches your own tastes and cooking background. It’s easier to create content if you have personal interest and experience in the area. You can take the assistance from ChatGPT:

Find Viral Content Ideas for your Medium Food Page

Medium is a wonderful place to start a food blog side hustle as a writer. As a beginner, you can begin with no upfront payment. Use the following tips to create food posts that can spread widely on social media:

  • Easy visual recipes: Share step-by-step recipe tutorials with big photos for each ingredient and cooking step. These naturally grab attention and share.
  • Tasty food trends: Cover the latest viral food items people are curious about, like latte coffee or baked feta pasta.
  • Beautiful food presentations: Artful plating makes even simple foods glamorous. Similarly, photos of fancy restaurant dishes spark interest.
  • Clever food hacks: We all love a good shortcut. Quick microwave mug meals, no-bake desserts or fake copycats make readers’ lives easier.
  • Seasonal favorites: Align recipes with holidays, like colorful drink ideas for St. Patrick’s Day or spooky Halloween treats.

Monetize your traffic

Creating an account on Medium is the best way to monetize your traffic. Let me tell you why Medium is the best platform for beginner food side hustlers:

  • An already buzzing built-in writer community
  • Medium gets Google traffic from SEO
  • The process of profile setting is 100% free

Monetization Method 1: Digital Products, i.e., A Recipe Book

Sell your unique recipes, tips, and images bundled into a PDF cookbook or e-book. Digital products earn money 24/7. Ask AI to give you a book title idea for a food recipe book as a food blog side hustle.

Digital products like e-books can give you insane profits. All you need is to drive traffic to it.  

Monetization Method 2: Promote Food Affiliate Programs

Share special deals and discounts from brands in your niche. When readers buy through your link, you earn affiliate commissions. You can become an affiliate for a food blog side hustle. The best platform you can use is “Eat This Much.”

Getting Started as a New Food Blogger

Here is the easy process to launch your money-making side hustle:

  • Choose a blog name and buy a domain
  • Come up with a catchy blog name and register a matching domain like
  • Select a site hosting platform such as Hostinger.

Popular options to start a food blog as a side hustle are or Blogspot. You get easy templates as beginners. 

  • Design your site: You can pick an appetizing food theme with enough image space to showcase visually appealing recipes and photos.
  • Create social media accounts: Start a Pinterest profile, Instagram, and TikTok dedicated to your cuisine vertical to promote content.
  • Upload first recipes: Build a content base of 10+ recipes in your niche, spread across categories like breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts.
  • ties to raise awareness. Always ask for feedback.
  • Publish regular new content: Try to add fresh recipe tutorials or food stories 2-3 times a week. Engage and reply to all comments.
  • Run ads to widen reach: Experiment with small $5-10 per day Facebook and Instagram promotions targeting people interested in your specific cuisine. Track performance.
  • Add income streams: Once you have regular site traffic and email subscribers, add digital recipe products, affiliate links, or paid ads.

Bonus Tips to Monetize a Food Blog as Side Hustle:

Here are two bonus ways you can make money online from Medium or your blog:

  • Get traffic and reads on your medium content as they offer Partner Program
  • Launch a food newsletter for daily food recipes and get sponsors on it.  

Wrap Up 

Congratulations! Your food blog side hustle is now making money! Just ensure you expand your content and leverage social media to nurture your audience. I hope this easy side hustle guide will help you earn $$$ from food blogging as a beginner. Pick your specialty, create viral content optimized for shares, and then monetize the delicious opportunity!

What food blogging niche would you start? Let me know in the comments!  

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.

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