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Will AI Take Your Job?

AI May Not Take Your Job, But Someone Using AI Will or Will AI Take Your Job?

You’ve probably heard these sayings. It’s everywhere on the internet.

I think people who say that are fooling themselves and others. They tell themselves this to relieve stress and urgency and avoid taking action, or because they lack necessary information.

So they stick their head in the sand. It’s easier. Here’s what Sam Altman said:

Sam Altman on the topic of - Will AI take Your Job

This was from a conversation he had with Sally Kornbluth, the President of MIT. Probably he is right – AI will change our entire world and maybe AI will take your job.

Allie K Miller is an AI expert. This is her prediction on AI and the future of jobs:

Will AI Take Your Job? – A Comprehensive Breakdown

Increase current roles

Demand for AI and machine learning roles, like data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI ethicists, will have to grow to develop, refine, and govern these systems. 

Augment current roles

Many jobs, like marketing managers, lawyers, and salespeople, will use AI tools for tasks like content creation, campaign optimization, document review, case research, candidate screening, risk assessment, and personalized recommendations.

Nearly every role will become AI-driven, similar to the internet’s impact on jobs.

Decrease some current roles

Routine tasks, like junior-level data entry, may diminish. Focus on tasks, not jobs, as many will evolve rather than vanish.

This raises questions about career growth and the shift from education to employment if these entry-level positions decline.

How will the transition change if these jobs become scarce?

Create new roles

AI Operations Manager to oversee AI systems, AI Avatar Manager to handle virtual assistants, and AI Agent Builder to manage AI agents.

New roles will also emerge at the intersection of AI and various industries, like AI Healthcare Specialist and AI Financial Advisor.

“I also believe we will have a period of about 30-50 years of confusion, instability, and unique challenges. This won’t be a smooth transition.

– Allie K Miller

Expect significant changes

A 2020 World Economic Forum predicted a net gain of 12 million jobs by 2035 (85M lost, 97M gained), but rapid advancements like ChatGPT may render this outdated.

Newer estimates, such as Goldman Sachs’ forecast of 300 million jobs affected by 2030, might be more accurate.

With nearly 8 billion people and about 3.5 billion employed, we could see a 10-25% impact on the global workforce.

Expect a few decades of upheaval

Although AI will eventually create more jobs than it displaces, the next 30-50 years will be marked by confusion, instability, and unique challenges.

The transition won’t be smooth.

AI jobs estimation

Here is a piece of advice for people:

  1. Learn AI and what it means for you and your industry – it’s so important
  2. Build multiple income streams
  3. Build your personal brand online – people follow people and this will just continue to grow as we see more and more AI everywhere.

Audience and attention is power.

Consider becoming a content creator – earlier this year Goldman Sachs reported: the creator economy could approach half a trillion dollars by 2027.

According to an OECD forecast, 50% of all professionals will have a portfolio career by 2030.

We should all learn how to monetize our knowledge. Some jobs won’t be full-time jobs in the future.

Ending Note

So, what do you think now? Will AI take your job?

Instead of emphasizing this question, all you need is to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Take this opportunity, and build something of your own. We’re living in extraordinary times. And the barrier to entry is lower than ever before.

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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