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3 Simple Ways to Diversify Your LinkedIn Audience

Ok, your growth on LinkedIn is stable, and your number of followers is increasing like crazy. You are waving the ride of a rising LinkedIn audience. I am proud of you. But my question is:

Just like how TikTok is getting banned everywhere around the world, what if LinkedIn goes off the grid?

You have amassed a following of 10,000+. After a lot of hard work, they are all gone in a flash.

This is why we will talk about what to do with your LinkedIn audience.

3 Simple Ways to Keep LinkedIn Audience Intact

Move LinkedIn Audience to X (Twitter)

Lara Acosta X Twitter Account

Once a week, talk on LinkedIn about you building on X.

Get your audience there. Try and capture 10% of your engaged LinkedIn audience.

Posting and growing on X is simple –

  • Get your LinkedIn long posts. Break them down to 3 parts.
  • Post (or best, schedule) 3 of them at different times throughout the day.

Once you amass quick following on X, people on X will start getting interested in you. You’ll see them following you too as a newbie.

Voila, you are now building a personal brand on 2 platforms.

Move LinkedIn Audience to Newsletter

Lara Acosta Newsletter on Beehiiv

If you capture the mail IDs of your LinkedIn followers – you are miles ahead. There is nothing safer than having an engaging email list. You can even sell on LinkedIn via newsletter!

These people trust you. And these people will buy from you. Even if LinkedIn is gone, you are still present for them on their mails.

Writing engaging emails and growing a newsletter is simple –

  • Create a newsletter on your niche.
  • Repurpose a LinkedIn content. Elaborate it even more.

Ta-da! Now you have better sales conversion than ever before because your newsletter speaks to people who are already interested in you.

Move Them to Instagram or YouTube

Lara Acosta YouTube Channel

Hate it or like it – video content is the future. Humans are appealed more visually than they’ll ever be by texts.

If you already create video content on LinkedIn, you are more likely to push your audience to Instagram or YouTube. Even if you don’t, promise your audience you will.

Creating on Instagram or YouTube is simple –

A. Repurpose your written content into videos and carousels.

B. Look for viral posts or trending posts and see if your content can fit that template.

That’s it! You are now creating every form of content there is.

Final Words

You’d have to agree that being on multiple platforms always helps and keeps you safe from a disaster. You must have seen How Lara Acosta’s LinkedIn went off the grid. I hope it never happens to you. But what’s the harm in preparing better?

Are you building on multiple platforms? Comment below!

Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle Catoni
Isabelle is a blogger and a professional SEO content writer. She has a degree in finance but her passion for playing with words forced her to become a writer. In her free time she loves exploring AI developments.


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